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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 25, 2012 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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thank you. >> pleasure, always. >> thank you, everyone, for watching us today to appreciate it. stick with us, though, because newsroom international continues now with my colleague suzanne malveaux. >> welcome to "newsroom international." i'm suzanne malveaux. here's what's going on right now. sandy moving quickly across the warm waters of the caribbean sea towards the bahamas. the storm slammed into southeastern cuba early today as a category two hurricane. winds up 110 miles per hour. trees are down. power is out across parts of cuba. late season storm also brought heavy rains to cuba's capital havana. in jamaica, sandy flooded streets, damaged homes, caused widespread power outages. at least one person was killed near kingston. another died in haiti. severe weather expert chad myers watching all of this, tracking the storm what do you think is going to happen? is it headed to the united
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states? >> yes. yes. yes. i'm afraid. a couple of days ago we had all of our computer models running. the hurricane center does. ten of them turning the storm out into the ocean. one model turning it back up toward new york city. we went, wow. 10-1. let's probably think the ten is right. not. it just hasn't been how it happened. all these other molgzs are turning the storm become to the us. anywhere from canada to washington d.c. not just new york city. this thing could make landfall. we wouldn't want any type of a landfall at 70 or 80 miles per hour. anywhere from d.c. to massachusetts. it's not the perfect storm. it doesn't work that way. it's not going to turn into a nor'easter, per se. as a hurricane moves on shore, especially here in the northeast, with cold air being dragged into it from canada, it could turn into a snowstorm as well. at least on the back side. we are beginning to see the eye again. the eye went away as it crossed over cuba. i saw 118-mile-per-hour wind
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gusts right there as it moved over the south coast of cuba. there's guantanamo bay. not that far away. technically a miss there to gitmo. the track is moving it very close to the bahamas today and to florida. the problems already starting. the waves are going to be tremendous. the waves could be 20 feet along the coast of florida. you immediate to be behind the sea wall. you need to be even through the parking lot. you can't be on the beach watching this storm. it's just too dangerous. the rip currents will just take you out. there's just no way to be surfing this yet. i know you want to get out there and do the waves. wait until the storm goes by. the waves will still be there as the storm goes by, but the winds will be off shore, and the rip currents won't be as significant. that's at least something. give it a couple of days to settle down. here's our cone now, suzanne. anywhere from the carolinas all the way up into massachusetts or some computers taking it farther and farther. talk about the models a little bit ago. just give it a mention so i can show you because people love to look at these. we call these spaghetti plots because they do eventually look
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like spaing et where i. all week the storms continue to move into the atlantic and die. some go to the u.s. or halifax, as far south as norfolk, virginia. the model -- i think now we know this is going to turn into the u.s. this is going to turn to a much bigger storm for monday and tuesday somewhere. maybe even wednesday if it's that far into halifax. longtory get there, obviously. an 85-mile-per-hour storm into new york city would be more deadly, would be more dangerous than even irene from last year. it turned out to be a huge flood problem for virginia, vermont and new jersey. i know it's late in the season, but the water is still warm enough to make this storm generate. it went -- i was watch it last night in bed on my -- i was tweeting from 8:00 until 12:00, and this thing went from an 80-mile-per-hour storm to about a 115 as it left jamaica and slammed into cuba, and that was only in five hours. there's a lot of potential. >> is it true that a late storm
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as well could be a lot deadlier, a lot more dangerous late in the season? >> i would say an earlier storm, october 10th, that peak day with the waters the warmest would be the most concerning, but i think people probably take it less serious. oh, come on, it's november. it can't happen. there's not going to be anything bad. if you let your guard down and think that it's out of season, you're wrong. look at the waves there. is that miami? somewhere. look at that. the way it's crashing on. that's why you can't even be on the sea wall. you need to be behind it and in the parking lot. i don't even want you out there at all. just watch some pictures on the web cam somewhere. >> take extra precautions. thank you, chad. >> you're welcome. presidential aides, of course, now in the sfrint to the finish. just 12 days to go until election day. both the candidates it's really all about the swing states. president obama wrapping up a 48-hour marathon with stops today in tampa, florida, richmond, virginia, and cleveland, ohio. on the way from richmond to cleveland, he stops in chicago to vote. his rally in tampa, the president said mitt romney's policies have not worked in the
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past, not going to move the country forward. he revived his line. this line about romnesia. >> we joke about romnesia, but, you know, all of this -- all of this speaks to something that's really important in this election. that is the issue of trust. you know, when you elect a president, you're counting on someone you can trust to fight for you. who you can trust to do what they say they're going to do. who can trust that you can trust to make sure that when something unexpected happens he or she will be thinking about your families, your future. trust matters. florida, you know me. >> mitt romney focussing on the make or break state of ohio today. he started with a rally just a short time ago in cincinnati.
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>> new poll showing president obama with a five-point edge in ohio, but romney says the president has no plan to move ohio and the country forward. >> the path we're on, the status employee path is a path that doesn't have an answer about how to get our economy going and how to get the private sector to start creating jobs or how to build more take-home pay. the path we're on has an economy growing more slowly this year than it did last year. and more slowly last year than the year before. the path we're on has the average income of an american family down by $4,300 per year. over the president's term. the path we're on does not have new answers. the president has the same old answers as in the past. he wants another stimulus. he wants to hire more government workers. >> president obama today picked up a notable endorsement. he is also going to bring out
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one of the big guns. maybe the biggest gun on the campaign trail next week. we want to bring in our chief political correspondent candy crowley and, of course, anningor of "state of the union." great to see you. >> good to see you. >> former swuf state colin powell announcing he is also going to endorse president obama again this go-round. here's what he said this morning on cbs. >> well, you know, i voted for him in 2008, and i plan to stick with him in 2012, and i'll be voting for and he for vice president joe biden next month. >> that's an endorsement of president obama for re-election? >> yes. >> so, as former chairman of the joint chiefs, also secretary of state, what struck me about his comments this morning was that he said, look, president obama has got us out of one war. he is getting us currently out of another and hasn't gotten us into any more wars. it sounded like a dig, first of all, to president bush as the one who is essentially holding the bag when it came to the claim of iraq had weapons of mass destruction. do you think that powell's
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endorsement now carries much weight? >> i don't think endorsements in general do, frankly, and i think the -- talking about the wars that he thinks president obama has gotten us out of, et cetera, nobody dislikes more more than military men, so that doesn't surprise me, but you are exactly right. he was secretary of state when the case was made to go into iraq, a case that later proved not to be true. i think that, you know, in answer to your -- the main question, endorsements just at this point i don't think do much for these candidates. it gets attention, and that's all they want at this hour. i don't think anyone looks at this and says, hey, colin powell is in, so am i. i think they think, right, voting is coming. i think it's about building up the excitement. >> purely speculative, but go with me on this one. >> okay. >> secretary of state hillary clinton says that she's stepping aside after an bottom term if
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the president gets ner term. do you think that he might get another shot to step in, an opportunity to vindicate himself in any way? >> i have the vaguest idea. you know, i don't know if colin powell is even interested. i mean, he has an awful lot of things going, and in particular things that deal with education projects. he is really into we know that when he actually got out of the business for military and secretary of state, we know that very much pleased his wife, who had been a military wife all in her life. i see that as a really long shot. i also don't know that is something president obama will be looking for. there are a lot of people lined up for hillary clinton's job. he would have to stand in line with the rest of them. i'm not sure he wants to. >> let's talk a little bit about the impact of bill clinton. we learned obviously that he is going to be campaigning with the president on monday in florida, ohio, and virginia. what do you make of the timing of this? these two emerging eight days from election day. do you think it was smart to
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hold off and roll them out at the very end, or could they have been more effective together earlier in the game? >> i think this is smart, and here's why. again, i don't think, first of all, i'm surprised that bill clinton is for barack obama this time around. and i think that now you have to remember all this early voting because the three places they are going to will all be involved in early voting, so it's not just about getting folks out on election day so that that sunday and that monday you're out there and saying, hey, you know, let's go out and get out and vote. i mean, bill clinton and it will be interesting to see where had he take him, but i'm sure they're taking him to swing areas because is he very popular among swing voters. i think this is more about driving out this early vote that's going on in all three of those swing states, and i think you want to save those last couple of days for it to be your stage. maybe the guy that's on the ticket with you, but you want to make your own closing arguments. you don't want bill clinton making it for you. >> good to see you, as always. this just in former vice president dick cheney, former
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president g.h.w. bush, she'll be headlining major fundraisers for the romney campaign. that is actually according to a source familiar with the events telling cnn that cheney along with a talk show host glenn beck and entertainer of the week, greenwood, they're going to be attending this event in dallas, and romney attended two fund raisers with cheney in wyoming just this last july. republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan now campaigning this hour in virginia. ryan is holding the rally. this is in bristol, virginia. it's expected to start soon, of course. when he starts, we'll take you live and take a look at that picture there, and he is getting ready to speak shortly. we'll bring it to you live when it begins. of course, it has although the makings of a movie thriller. a former danish biker claims he infiltrated al qaeda, helped the cia kill a top terror suspect. >> he is anything but the bad guy. you speak to workers, and they say this is just the way of the world. china is an economic rival to
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trust icy hot for powerful relief. [ male announcer ] the icy hot patch. goes on icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. so you're back to full speed. [ male announcer ] icy hot. power past pain. there's a city in china that's deeply involved in the u.s. presidential election. most people living there, they don't even realize this. well, this is what we're talking about here. two-hour drive from shaenk high, this is where the chinese and american flags are flying over an auto parts factory. this factory is going to make parts that are now being made in the united states. the jobs are being moved to china by the company founded by, of course, one of those running for president, republican mitt romney. cnn's stan grant has the story. >> do you know who mitt romney is? >> no, no, no. >> you don't know mitt romney? >> no, i don't know. >> reporter: they may not be up on american politics here, but
9:16 am
these chinese workers are in the middle of a u.s. political firestorm. they're blamed for taking american jobs, shipped to china by a company started by republican presidential candidate romney. >> do you like america? >> the american flag flies proudly here, but it's equally a symbol of chinese power. it's one of the china homes of sensaba technologies, owned by bain capital. work nerz freeport, illinois, say this is where their jobs are going. some are camping in tents protesting the plant closure of the sensada plant where they worked for decades. 170 jobs will be lost. the workers say they suffer while the company profits from cheap chinese labor. >> november 5th is scheduled to be my last day after 33 years. >> reporter: here sensada is anything but the bad guy. you speak to workers, and they say this is just the way of the world. china is an economic rival to
9:17 am
the united states. it does export. it does manufacture. yes, it takes american jobs. now, however unfair that may seem back in the states. >> translator: it's determined by the market, this worker says. job goes wherever labor is cheaper. it makes sense. workers say they enjoy good conditions here, regular eight-hour shifts. >> reporter: how much money do you earn in one month? >> it's a secret. >> reporter: it's a secret. >> yeah, it's a secret. >> reporter: can you see where the money goes, though. shanghai is a thriving city of five million people. shoppers hit trendy new malls wearing the latest fashion. american business has been good for these people. back in freeport the future is not so rosy. look around. there's no guessing who they blame. mitt romney left bain capital seven years before it bought sensada, but this has become an embarrassment all the same. outside the sensada factory we meet some american workers in
9:18 am
china on rotation from the u.s. they're aware of the row over jobs. right now just happy to be working themselves. >> i enjoy my job. >> reporter: for how long? stan grant, cnn, china. >> according to the "new york times", president obama as a former illinois state senator had as much as $100,000 in the state retirement plan that contains shares in sensada technologies. we have heard americans sound off, but what are people telling us from around the world about the u.s. presidential candidates? well, cnn set up a cam remarks an open mike in the middle of islamabad, pakistan. here's what they have to say. ♪ >> my message to the u.s. presidential candidate is this. that please change your foreign
9:19 am
policies, especially against muslim world. we are not terrorists. >> obama or anyone else, we want peace. >> i don't care whoever coming or not. just stop screwing with our country and our lives. >> i personally like an american president like obama to win this election zoosh he is not clear. he is not clear on israel policy. he is not clear on middle east policy. he is not clear on pakistan policy. he is not clear on afghanistan policy. what he wants to do? he doesn't know. i think you should -- >> terrorists or whatever they think should be stopped. >> we're not really happy with whatever america has been doing worldwide to all of us. ♪ >> i think he needs to change his attitude towards us or he needs to go.
9:20 am
their policy sucks. >> i want peace in the whole world that there should be no drone attacks and no -- because it's pakistan. not the country of the americans. >> we are not terrorists. i think you are terrorists in the name of killing innocent people by drones. >> they must realize that we are going through hell. friendship with you, but don't kill us. no, we are not going to turn back. you are going to have friendship with us? no, not at all. >> universally critical of the u.s. the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, of course, a critical issue in the race for the white house. well, now cnn is finding out more about who actually might be behind this. the latest from the state department. and even fewer that make moms happy too. with wholesome noodles and bite sized chicken, nothing brings you together like chicken noodle soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. but with advair, i'm breathing better.
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the u.s. government is now drawing the link between the attack and the consulate in libya and al qaeda. we are talking about, of course, machine gun and rocket assault that happened on september 11th in benghazi. four americans killed, including the u.s. ambassador in libya, chris stevens. who knew what, when, just a part of this criminal investigation. it's become one of the most angrily debated questions in the presidential election. want to talk about this new al
9:24 am
qaeda connection with our foreign affairs reporter elyse lavitt. they say they had signs of al qaeda involvement, but now they're even more convinced. why such a strong case now? what have we learned? >> well, suzanne, we've been reporting over the last 24 hours, and our intelligence correspondent susan kelly said we had signs early on that al qaeda and the al qaeda affiliate that's been operating in north africa was involved, but now we have new information that al qaeda in iraq, that's the group that was in iraq and had been weakened over the last couple of years was also involved in this kind of group of insurgents and extremists that launched this attack against the consulate. there are about 40 guys, and we believe that there's some in al qaeda in iraq. some in al qaeda and magram and
9:25 am
also some from this affiliated group ansar al shaara. a band of groups. >> when have you these different branches of al qaeda coming together for one attack, is that seeming even more ominous, more dangerous in temz of national security perspective? >> well, there's no evidence to see that all of these groups are kind of operating in coordination with each other. you remember that in the war in iraq, a lot of foreign fighters from libya went from libya to iraq to fight against u.s. troops there, so it's possible that some of them came home, they have a cousin that's in a different group and so there's no indication that there's one big group working together, but it does show that these al qaeda affiliates -- we used to be real worried about the al qaeda core in pakistan, but now you see this proliferation of groups throughout the middle east, and al qaeda and their arab peninsula in yemen, al qaeda in iraq, al qaeda in the -- it just
9:26 am
shows this proliferation of groups is also very threatening to u.s. security interests. >> we know there's at least one suspect that's in custody in tunisia believed to be involved in that attack. does the fbi or cia, do they even have access to them? are they able to interrogate or question this suspect and learn any more information about what has happened? >> well, we're talking about this guy whose name is ali ani alharsi. he had left libya for turkey. was picked up there, and then handed to the tunisians, and the u.s. does expect to have access to him at some point. they're negotiating with the tunisians. there's also negotiations within the united states about various intelligence agencies, the fbi -- the fbi leading the investigation. certainly the cia and other intelligence agencies want to be in the room and have access to him too, but they do think at some point they'll be able to question him. >> all right. thank you, elyse, appreciate it. danish secret agent and a plot to capture or kill one of al qaeda's most wanted. it is i story that is stranger than fiction.
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it was a mission of american-born cleric to rage a violent jihad against the united states, but it was his mission to marry a danish woman. he was actually killed by a cia drone strike in yemen. that happened september 2011. double agent wharton storm is detailing the spy web that led to his death. nick robertson reports from coppenhagen. rimplt meet agent storm. >> as a forward -- >> reporter: >> he is a likable person, and he seems to me like a camille yon. >> he is really been a double or triple agent so to speak. >> reporter: a former baker, he became a militant islamist, visited yemen several times, and befriended a man who would become one of al qaeda's most
9:31 am
wanted, cleric anwar al awalali. he said he worked for the cia after changing sides and danish intelligence services. >> it's such an unusual story because it is so rare that two services completely mishandle, misjudge him. ♪ >> reporter: in the movie james bond never gives up his secrets, but storm is telling it all. to the danish newspaper. >> he called our main number and got -- started to explain his story. we were all a bit scared that this could be some kind of weird threat. we did set up the first meeting one night on a dark parking lot. >> reporter: a story that includes his part in a cia plot to track down al awalaki by
9:32 am
finding limb a young, blonde, european wife. >> reporter: he says he was paid a quarter of a million dollars to set up al awalki's wedding. he described meeting a cia agent at this hotel in this coppenhagen suburb in 2010. he says the agent gave him a briefcase. it was locked. he asked for the combination. the agent told him 007. storm says he opened the case. inside he found $250,000 in cash. to back up his claims, storm not only had a photo of the case of cash, but this matchmaking moment. >> this recording is done specifically for sister abina at her request. the brother who is carrying this recording is a trustworthy brother. >> it's me, brother, amina, and
9:33 am
i just want to tell you that right now i feel nervous and this is very awkward for me, so i just tape this just to see that you can see how i look. >> when i watch this tape of video marriage proposals from an al qaeda leader and this woman's answers, i thought, well, this story is impossible to deny. >> reporter: the storm says the cia sent him to vienna to meet amina, the croatia yan convert to islam. he gave her a suitcase with a secret tracking device in the handle and got her to yemen to meet alawaki. he has the hotel bills to prove it. >> we know they're a danish service company. >> reporter: and there is more. storm hoarded a trove much documents including secret communications with al awalku. including this a photo that shows him with his intelligence
9:34 am
handle nerz a hot tub. his revelations, however, are not to everyone's taste. >> it brings danger to, i think, denmark. it alexposes the very essence o intelligence services and that is means and methods. they never discuss means and methods. >> reporter: so far u.s. officials here in denmark have offered no explanation about morton storms' claims and no acknowledgment of the cia agents he claims to have met, michael, alex, jed, and george. storm says his final mission was to take a usb thumb drive. inside it a cia tracking device. he handed it off to an al qaeda courier. within weeks al awki was killed in a drone strike. >> reporter: he was angry with the cia. danish officials convinced him to come to a meeting here, the
9:35 am
marion wet hotel in october of 2011. storm was recording the meetings. he met with a cia agent named michael. michael told him president obama knows about you. pa important people are aware of what you are doing. we are grateful. >> it's against your honor as american as the super power of the world -- rimplgt the recordings reveal storm wanted credit for killing al alawaki, but michael said a parallel operation was responsible. the meeting was a water shed. >> they lost control of him, and they now have to sort of sweep up the mess that he has left behind. >> reporter: now storm is in hiding. cnn has been in contact with him. >> he realizes, of course, that he is in danger, but he also strongly believes that he has been in danger for years, and his analysis is that going public is not worsening his
9:36 am
security situation. >> reporter: but his life as a double agent is surely over. nick robertson, cnn, coppenhagen, denmark. he was an icon in the u.k., but now an investigation of his late tv star threatens the image now of the bbc. police say he might have molested as many as 300 children. unteer to help those in need. when a twinge of back pain surprises him. morning starts in high spirits, but there's a growing pain in his lower back. as lines grow longer, his pain continues to linger. but after a long day of helping others, he gets some helpful advice. just two aleve have the strength to keep back pain away all day. today, jason chose aleve. just two pills for all day pain relief. try aleve d for strong, all day long sinus and headache relief. to meet the needs of my growing business. but how am i going to fund it? and i have to find a way to manage my cash flow better. [ female announcer ] our wells fargo bankers are here to listen,
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scotland yard just revealed the number of people allegedly molested by bbc star jimmy saville is about 300. saville was like a british version of our dick clark. he deed a year ago at the age of 84. well, he allegedly molested children for almost 40 years. at hospitals he visited and on bbc property. the allegations, they're shocking the country, but some bbc executives, rather, they're
9:40 am
not all that shocked because they have heard about the abuse claims last year on their own documentary about him. dan rivers has the story. >> we're already. here we go. >> in britain he was a household name. a bbc tv presenter, disk jockey, charity fundraiser, eccentric, yes, but a pillar of society. even knighted by the queen for his good works. now his image is utterly shattered. after his death a year ago, dozens of women and some men have come forward to say they were sexually abused by him when they were children. >> he promised me that if i gave him oral sex that he would arrange for me and my friends to go to television center and to be on his television show. >> reporter: what makes this story even worse is that the bbc
9:41 am
then axed this damning report from its "news night" program. instead, airing a glowing tribute to jimmy saville, the day after christmas. that decision is now the subject of intense scrutiny. the bbc is in turmoil as it investigates itself and it's still not clear why the program was axed. george emtwhistle who has been in charge for less than two months insists there wasn't saying saville was the one covering things up, not his bbc colleagues. the bbc's boss from 2004 until last month was mark thompson. he is about to become the head of the "new york times". on october 13th in a statement he claimed during my time as the director general of the bbc, i never heard any allegations or received any complaints about jimmy saville, but now his story has changed. he is now admitting he was told the bbc was investigating jimmy saville by a colleague at a party. he then reported that conversation to other bbc managers and was told the story
9:42 am
was not going to run "for journalistic reasons." he insists he handled the matter properly. the claims against saville will remain only claims since his death precludes any prosecution, but the bbc says similar claims of sexual harassment against other current employees, some famous, are also being investigated. bad news for the "new york times". bad news for thebbc, and perhaps more bad news yet to emerge. the number of victims coming forward is growing every day. dan rivers, cnn, london. the holy holiday of eid begins tomorrow, and while there might not be celebrations in syria, there is something else that might happen. a cease-fire. and the world's only tridion safety cell which can withstand over three and a half tons. small in size. big on safety. i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup
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with the blackish-blue frame and the white dots and the splattered paint pattern, your lights are on. what? [ male announcer ] the endlessly customizable 2013 smart. a cease-fire in syria. that is hard to believe. tooit might actually happen,
9:46 am
though, at least for a few days, and only with some conditions. so the syrian government today said that the military is going to stop fighting, not going to hear all the shelling that's happening beginning tomorrow morning, and lasting until monday. that was the deal that was brokered by u.n. especially envoy lakdar brahimi. on syrian state tv a short time ago the government said there will be a military response if rebel fighters attack. also on state tv today, rebel prisoners were shown walking out of jail. it is a prisoner release that the syrian government says is a goodwill gesture. well, the former butler is expected to be moved from house arrest to a vatican jail cell. paolo was convicted earlier this month of stealing confidential papers from pope benedict's private apartments and leaking them to the media. well, he was sentenced to 18 months and gabriellei's attorney
9:47 am
decideded not to appeal the sentence, but he could still ask the pope for a pardon. we take freedom of speech for granted here, but a chinese art it's and a dissident who says that he loz to irritate the chinese government is doing it again. he is going to do something kind of bizarre. ♪ ♪ >> who is this guy? he is al weiwei. he is a government critic, artist, who was thrown in jail in china last year. he is now out of prison apparently going gangnam style, rapping to the youtube video there. he says that he and his friends are just having fun, but china's internet sensors are not really amused by all this. the video has been removed from many china-based video hosting sites. millions of children, they are threatened by it. a condition that is called stunting. we're going to tell you what that is and what can be done about it.
9:48 am
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a hidden tragedy that is starting around the world? it is called stunting. a disorder that challenges growth. the cause is simple. it's malnutrition. in the first three years of life. 165 million kids are under the age of 5 are affected. most of them are in asia and africa. david mckenzie who traveled to kenya where one in three children suffers from this devastating condition. >> driving in northern kenya. this is an enclave of the tekana, pastoral people barely surviving. grammy award winning artist ang leak made the journey to witness what unicef is calling a silent tsunami. hunger. >> she can't go through this again. she has to eat well.
9:52 am
>> reporter: she's 21 months old, but he can't oning or even crawl. he is afflicted with stunting. >> she has to receive something today. we have to give her something today for her to eat and for kids to eat. >> reporter: stunted growth is caused by a lack of key nutrients or immunizations in the first two years of a child's life. stunted children are smaller. they don't live as long. they can have serious cognitive impairment, and are more susceptible to disease. it's devastating millions of families in kenya. >> translator: it's hard raising a child because of the way this place is. if it was just starvation, we would be able to survive, but when a child is sick, we can't cope because we keep going to the hospital. >> reporter: she says they've run out of food aid and repeated cattle raids and droughts have decimated their livestock. >> when times are tough, they depend on ela mash, this wild fruit, but it has little nutritional value, especially for children. one-third of kids in kenya are
9:53 am
stunted and that has huge implications for the country. >> reporter: the kenyan government estimates that malnutrition will cost its economy $38 billion in the next two decades. >> stunting is permanent. if the child is stunted, that means they'll grow up to be a stunted adult. we are looking at the stunted children who are not even able to perform well in school. then that means we will not be able to raise up a society that is actually very well educated. >> reporter: despite the huge human and economic affect, critics say governments and aid organizations aren't doing enough to get crucial nutrition to children at an early age when stunting can be prevented. for an african artist it's deeply disturbing. >> sometime i get angry and frustrated. i really do because there are solutions, but the way of using the solution is always too much wrapped in political reasons. i know the resilience of my people, and i know that if we
9:54 am
empower the people, we educate the women, after can will be transformed within ten years, and the fact that we are not the leaders of africa and aren't making prompt changes fast enough for the people is something that is just -- i can't take it. it just eat me from inside. >> we still have children who are stunted and children who are not stunted. >> reporter: tragically the solutions to stunting are simple. breast feeding, immunizations, adequate nutrition and access to health care. where governments have failed, some others are succeeding. organizing women's groups to educate each other about raising healthy children. the knowledge transforms the lives of these mothers and their families. but for inga and millions of other children, the knowledge and help came too late. ian mckenzie, cnn, kenya. >> he is a man with a mission. he wants to brighten up the
9:55 am
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9:58 am
a young haitian man was so inspired by the colorful homes that he saw when he visited south florida -- you know those homes -- he decided start a paint charity. the paint he collects in atlanta goes to beautify communities in the developing world. he says a coat of paint actually matters. >> reporter: he wants your paint. he already has three storage units full, but he is still collecting more. >> paint, oh. >> reporter: del gard is founding for global paint for charity in atlanta. he picks up paint donations from homeowners and businesses who want to recycle their paint. they're happy to donate it, and del gard is thrilled to get it. >> wow. >> we're cleaning out part of our basement to put some other things in there, and we had this paint that we didn't know what to do with it. >> reporter: his obsession with paint began 12 years ago when he came to the united states from haiti.
9:59 am
>> look at those stars. >> my impression of the united states oh, thank god. i landed at miami international airport. i saw so many beautiful painted house in florida. the people paint their house yellow, red, white, blue. wow. just so much paint in this country. i said, well, when i get money in this country, i'm going buy paint and take paint back home. >> reporter: and from that idea global paint charity was born. del gard collects people's leftover papt, reprocesses it, and hits slips it to organizations in developing countries. >> whenever i recycle we can change people's life in africa and haiti, all over the world, and to beautify their homes, beautify their communities, and change the world with one gallon of paint at a time. >> that's exactly what he has done. donating 6,000 gallons of paint so far to haiti, kenya, and
10:00 am
uganda. he has recently returned from ecuadoral guinea where he donated paint to an orphanage who lost their parents to hiv aids. >> we look at schools, hospitals, churches, and family homes that were not painted, and they touched my heart to see the bacteria on the walls that were not painted. i said we have to do something. >> he is diagnose a lot. if you would like to donate your paint, go to the website ♪ 12 days left to go. candidates focussing on a handful of states. it's likely going to determine who wins the white house.
10:01 am
president obama wrapping up a 48-hour marathon stops today in tampa, florida, richmond, virginia, cleveland ohio although way from richmond to cleveland. he stops in chicago to vote. mitt romney focussing on a make or break state of ohio today. starting with a rally just a couple of hours ago in cincinnati. this next stop is going to be worthington, and he ends the day in defiance, ohio. it has -- who has the best plan to get the economy going again, that is one of the defining issues of this presidential race? critics say the candidates, they are long on promises and short on details. just 12 days to go both president obama and mitt romney pushing their plans to fix the economy. let's bring in our political director mark preston. mark, wow, just days. it is flying by here, and we've got president obama now. he is putting out these plans. he says, look, this is what i'm going to do if i get a second term. here's what he said in tampa. >> i've got a plan that will actually create jobs. a plan that will actually create
10:02 am
middle class security, and unlike mvr, i'm proud to talk about that plan. because the math actually adds up. i want you all to take a look at it. you can go to, and i want you to share those plans with your friends and neighbors and co-workers. >> all right. so, mark, i have a couple of questions for you. first of all, if you go to the website, if you heard the president before, even if you go to the white house website, not a lot of this is really new material here, so how much of it is really more information and how much of it is simply repackaging and focussing on, look, i got something to give you, i got something to offer for a second term? >> and i got something to tell you what i have done in my first term as well, which is what he has done in this plan and in this booklet which not only is he telling people to get it from the website, but he has also printed millions of copies and they're handing it out. look, barack obama is running on one issue and one issue alone in many ways, and that's the
10:03 am
economy as is mitt romney. it's been issue number one since 2008. it's going to decide what happens in this election, and that's why we saw right after the debate earlier this week first thing he did in his first campaign rally was to talk about his plan to try to turn the economy around. now, part of the difficulty for barack obama is that he inherited a very bad situation. it hasn't gotten much better. i don't think many people could have thought it could be turned around in four years. he is asking for four more. the question is will the voters think that he deserves it, and that's why this race was so tight right now, suzanne. >> what's the political calculus here? in some ways "the des moines register" he lays out these plans. we talks about immigration and defense spend, these kinds of things. people are going to hold him to account. do they think it's worth the risk here to just put this out here now? >> yeah. no question because they're going to hold him to account, but let's assume that he gets elected and, you know, what happens? he doesn't have another term to run for, so the promises that he makes right now, look, he -- i'm
10:04 am
sure he is saying -- he hopes that he can enact them, but how does he -- how is he going to be held accountable? two years, and let alone how is mitt romney going to be really held accountable if he were to win? the fact of the matter is they are making campaign promises, and they're about to try to fulfill them. the problem is here in washington it isn't just what the president decides to do. it's what happens in congress as well where the house of representatives and will the senate go along with it. as much as our focus is on the presidential campaign, these races are very, very key to what happens for the next four years. >> what can the president do without the balance of power working in his favor? i want to bring up mitt romney here. he has a five-point plan. he outlined it again today. this was in cincinnati. >> the president has been looking for a plan. he has been looking for some way to help the gentleman i spoke about, some way to help the 23 million people that are out of work.
10:05 am
>> i'm going to help that man who needs that good job. >> we still have not heard some of the specifics about what the tax loopholes are going to be in order for him to come up with making his own plan work here. is this what the campaign needs to put out, and this is what you're going to get. make up your minds. make your decision based on what we're putting out there now. >> we talk about mitt romney talking about the home deduction, and that fell flat, you know, about a month ago or a couple of months ago, and i heard just this week where he talked about how he was going to cap deductions at a certain number, which would then allow people who were looking for that deduction on their home to be included in that cap. you don't want to be absolutely specific because if you are, you
10:06 am
are just inviting people to criticize you even more. if you offer a broad idea, a broad pathway to success, you are better off. you worry about losing your homes. many n some ways, to be successful in a campaign. you don't have to sell your specific plan. >> good to see you, as always. we'll be watching very closely. >> florida's 29 electoral votes one of the biggest prizes in the campaign. well, right now the state is still a toss-up. the campaigns are honing in on swing counties like orlando's orange county. now, orange county, this is part of the crucial i-4 corridor. this is where close elections are often decideed in florida. 27% of the population is hispan hispanic, and almost 22% african-american. that is where we find our own ali velshi and john avlon. they are on the battleground bus tour through some of the 109 most contested counties.
10:07 am
>> suzanne, we are in orlando. orlando is interesting because it is a story which repeats itself nationally about what it is versus what it feels like. it is measurably better than it was at the worst of the financial crisis. not than it was four years ago, but better than it was at the worst. we are running into a lot of people who don't connect to that reality. >> that's exactly right. look, the economy is only as good or bad as it is for you and your -- there's no question. orlando, like in florida and many parts of the country, we're through the worst of it, but unemployment is roughly where it was when obama took office. sdoo right. >> for months and months it was in low double digits. we've come out of that. you're starting to see real bright spots in the economy, but we haven't made some improvement that people are going to give the credit to president obama snes necessarily. >> florida was one of the places that was ground sfwler for the housing crisis. this is where prices jst ummeted. believe itr not, more and more construction of new houses every month in the last few months in
10:08 am
orlando. >> we wondehen they're going to get some relief, but there are signs of improvement. they are real. they are measurable. they are not pervasive or defining the local community. a few industries and then those industries start to fail as a lot of things did around here r thfirst fe months you hope it's gointock and approximate then you start to reinvent, and orlando is starting to go through that experience of creating new industries or helping out other industries in the area. it's very diverse. it's latin american. even puerto rican citizens are
10:09 am
living here. it has a different tone and tenor. it was tight in 2004. obama won it by 20 points going away in 2008. it's not going to happen this time because this race is tight even here. >> and as much as somebody might swing it one way or the other over the course of the next two weeks, the reality is the obama operation in particular is shifting to its get out the vote job. >> that's right. this is so tight it's all going to come down to ground game. get out the vote early voting. that's a major message. on simply the issue of local headquarters, the obama team has an edge here. around 2-1 for romney. it's a significant metric. they've been investing heavily in local ground game since the beginning. >> we're going to jacksonville, and then we're going to head north. suzanne. >> thanks, guys. here's what we're working on for this hour. >> a movie about the death of osama bin laden will hit the airwaves just two days before the election, and the president plays a key role. and the fight for women voters hits a boiling point.
10:10 am
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10:11 am
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10:13 am
two lives events going on at the same time. president obama in rich mopped, missouri, and in bristol, virginia, this is paul ryan speaking live. the vice presidential candidate of course trying to put the state back in republican hands. it's november. it was a republican stronghold until the president won, of course, virginia, back in 2008. let's listen in first. >> we're going reapply them to the problems of the day. we're going to get this country back on track, and we're going to help good job traders get back in the business of trading jobs and get back on the path of prosperity. that's the choice in front of us. you know, president obama really hasn't given us a vision for a second term agenda? just a couple of days ago he came up with a slick new brochure. it's a slick comic book that -- to me a slick repackaging of
10:14 am
more of the same. look at what it's gotten us. you see, where we are today is our economy is barely limping along. it's slower this year than it was last year. last year was slower than the year before. for october 25th is pretty darn war out here. we get snow sometimes this time of year in wisconsin. but look at wheree are. we'r head in the wrong direction. you see, the obama economic agenda failed not because it was stopped. it failed because it was passed. he controlled all of government. let's not forget that his party was in firm control of washington when he came in, so he could do everything he wanted to do. that's what gave us all this stimulus, and if you look at the promises made when he passed all
10:15 am
this borrowing and spending, given what he has gin to corporate contribute orz and companies like cylindra, he said our economy would be growing at 4.3%. we're at 1.3% today. we're about nine million jobs short of what he said we would be if we just put this program in place. his program was -- >> all right. let's go also to virginia in richmond. that's what the president is speaking. >> that was his philosophy in the boardroom. that was his philosophy as governor. if it sounds familiar, it's because that's exactly what we tried in the last decade. before i came into office, it led to falling income and record deficits and the slowest job growth in half a century and the worst economic crisis since the great depression. we have now been working for
10:16 am
four years to clean up the mess those policies left behind. he notes they're probably not that popular. he knows his plan isn't any different than the policy that is got him in trouble. a week from this election, he is counting on you. he is hoping that you come down with a case of what we call romnesia. he is hoping you won't remember that his economic plan is more likely to create jobs in china than it is in america. because it actually rewards companies that ship jobs and profits overseas. he is hoping you won't remember that he wants to give millionaires and billionaires a $250,000 tax cut because the only way he can pay for that tax
10:17 am
cut is by raising your taxes or blowing a hole in the deficit. in that case he comes down with a southeast case of romnesia before you cast your ballot. but richmond, i want you to know this. this is a curable disease. if you feel any symptoms coming on, if you are starting to get a little woozy, your eyes are getting a little blurry, some ringing in your ears, if you can't remember what you said just a week ago if you can't remember the plans on your own website and you're worried you might be coming down with a case of romnesia, i want you to know obama care covers preexisting conditions. we can make you well. we can fix you up. >> all right. president obama taking a hit on
10:18 am
mitt romney there. talking romnesia, as he calls it, about mitt romney and his plans or positions changing. a movie about the death of osama bin laden is going to hit the airwaves, and the president is playing a key role. there's a health company that can help you stay that way. what's healthier than that? boring. boring. [ jack ] after lauren broke up with me, i went to the citi private pass page and decided to be...not boring. that's how i met marilyn... giada... really good. yes! [ jack ] ...and alicia. ♪ this girl is on fire
10:19 am
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10:21 am
u.s. military mission that killed osama bin laden, well, two movies, they're in the can. they're premier dates already set. in ten days the movie "seal team six" debut on cable tv. republicans not so happy about it. it's not about the content, but about the timing. here's brian todd. >> we're going to be the team that takes out osama. >> it has the real life plot that can certainly draw viewers. the navy s.e.a.l.'s raid that killed osama bin laden, but can it also draw voters, and is it designed to? s.e.a.l. team 6, a new tv drama about the bin laden mission, is set to air on the national geographic channel just two nights before the election. it's got some real news clips of president obama in it, despikting the president in the days surrounding the raid, and the film is backed by hollywood mogul harvey weinstein. all those factors have
10:22 am
conservatives saying the movie is a political stunt. >> get down! >> any time you've got a movie coming out two nights before the election and being made by harvey weinstein, who is a prominent democrat and a huge supporter of president obama's, of course, it raises eyebrows. >> director john stockwell said it was weinstein who suggested adding more actual news footage, including footage from the white house after he saw an early version of the movie. >> it was not done to, i guess, play up the president's role or make him look particularly good? >> no, not at all. we don't pretend to sort of get inside the president's head. harvey weinstein came in to the editing room very early on, and his only questions to me were how did you know this? are you sure this happened? he was really attempting to get to the veracity of the story. >> reporter: stockwell also says there's less footage of the president in the finished cut as there was in an earlier version. contacted by cnn, harvey weinstein rejected the idea that the film has a political agenda, saying it's about history. ken robinson has been in both
10:23 am
worlds. a former special forces officer, he was creator and writer of e ran, an nbc drama about the inner workings of the pentagon. >> in the production of movies like this, is there often pressure to maybe put in a political slant, subtle maybe? >> i have never seen that. i have been on the fox lot, the warner lot, the paramount lot. i've not seen that. the creative process is pretty prized. >> the timing of the film's release on november 4th still rankles some conservatives who has this suggestion. >> it doesn't have a political position, as they say it doesn't, then simply put it off by two days. >> reporter: now, in response to that, a spokesperson for national geographic says they have to air this movie on november 4th because they have to give it to netflix by november 5th. both national geographic and, again, the filmmakers deny there was any political motivation in this movie, suzanne. >> you mentioned the producers decided cut out some of the footable from the president and,
10:24 am
i guess there was also some editing rarming mitt romney as well. can you explain that? >> that's right. the director john stockwell says there was a clip in there of mitt romney at some point opposing the u.s. taking action in pakistan to go after bin laden. that was planned to be part of the movie, but they edited that out. they said for balance and accuracy and things like that. they're claiming that every edit they made was really for historical accuracy and not for political purposes. >> all right. brian, thank you. appreciate it. president obama doesn't hold back in an interview in "rolling stone magazine." it hits the stand tomorrow, but politico gave us a sneak peek giving us candid moments between the president and eric baits when baits tells the president that his 6-year-old daughter is rooting for him. he grinz and says, you know, kids have good instincts. they look at the other guy and say, well, that's a bs'er, i can tell." yes, he used the whole word. we are now going to be talking to the man who conducted
10:25 am
the interview. presidential historical douglas brinkley will join us tomorrow noon eastern to talk more about that interview. and women voters could be key in the victory on election day. what is going to do the job to win them over? money. we're going to explain how. i can't stop eating 'em! what's...that... on your head? can curlers! tomato basil, potato with bacon... we've got a lot of empty cans. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. i have a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] it doesn't have a decongestant. no way. [ male announcer ] sorry. alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast-acting decongestant to relieve your stuffy nose. thanks. [ male announcer ] you're welcome. that's the cold truth! [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus. ♪ oh what a relief it is! [ male announcer ] try new alka-seltzer plus severe allergy to treat allergy symptoms plus sinus congestion and pain.
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10:28 am
presidential candidates in a fierce battle for the female vote. for 34 women it is about the money. a new study by the american association of women reveals that women earn $8,000 less than men one year after graduating from college. an earnings gap continues throughout their professional careers. kristen is chairwoman and associate professor of history at fordham university. her academic work focussing on women, culture, and work. in an op ed piece for, she writsz. s "women are the voters most likely to matter on november 6th. they make up the majority of undecided voters and they outvote men." well, professor, good to see
10:29 am
you. thank you. it was very provocative and a refreshing piece, really, when you look at it because one of the things you talk about is the paycheck fairness act. how important that is for both of the candidates to talk about it. >> well, i think it could be realistic if made the case that paycheck fairness has everything to on with family well being. that pay equity is not simply a gender equity issue, but the pay equity is something that women need to provide well being for their families. women are bread winners and co-bread winners in two-thirds of american households, and when they're making $10,000 on average less per a year than their male counterparts, those $10,000 hit the family pocketbook, and that means less
10:30 am
health care, less education, less good child care, and those things matter to women's daily lives. >> sure. >> you also talk about a couple of other things that you mentioned that your students talk about, and that is workplace flexibility and paid sick days. >> watching parents deal with the squeeze on time. they've watched their parents deal with balancing family and earnings, and they want good answers. they want ways to a sustainable life for themselves and their partners. it doesn't require them to wake up at 4:00 in the morning every day and squeeze in a load of laundry and rush off to work. they want answers that create
10:31 am
workable lives for themselves and for their partners and their whole families. >> i want you to listen to this here. this is the obama campaign quietly that put out this ad. this is dealing with romney's stand on abortion. i want you to listen. ♪ >> even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape that it is something that god intended to happen. >> when it comes to rape, should it be legal for a woman to be able to get an abortion? >> well, so i'm very pro-life, and i have always adopted the idea the position that the method of conception doesn't change the definition of life. >> so, professor, in light of your emphasis on the state of the economy, how important that is to women, are these type of ads dealing with abortion, dealing with rape, are they effective? >> i think they're effective in
10:32 am
one sense. in the sense that it's very clear that the issue of reproductive rights is kind of fundamental to the women i see in my classroom, to their sense of equity and their prospects for their future life. but abortion alone isn't the answer to the problem. they see reproductive rights as linked to a larger vision for themselves families that they want to bring up. you know, it's not enough to talk about abortion. what i see my students wanting is a far more complicated conversation about what women care about. thank you so much for going beyond the talking points. it's refreshing to this conversation. we'll bring you back on as well. thanks again. >> okay. my pleasure to be here. thank for having me. >> thank you. president obama and paul ryan both fighting for virginia voters today. we're going to tell you what's on the line.
10:33 am
10:34 am
10:35 am
10:36 am
the president is campaigning in virginia today. so is republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan. why all the love for virginia? this state has 13 electoral votes and was a republican stronghold until barack obama, the president, carried the state four years ark but neither party can assume anything heading into the election. our chief national correspondent john king explains why. >> reporter: you know, in ten straight presidential elections virginia had been reliably red, and then 2008 came along. you see it blue for president obama. let's pop it up because i want to show you something. see where i just drew in? the northern virginia suburbs. everywhere else in the state john mccain and barack obama ran even. the president's big margin was 234,000 votes statewide. all of this came from right here. >> 12615. >> reporter: urgency in a place that once was reliably red.
10:37 am
>> reporter: mitt romney's path to the white house runs through virginia and to win it he must run strong in the fast-changing suburbs within an hour's drive of washington. >> it's all about northern virginia. there ha been manle norern rgiaarly f icm the northeast, from democratic areas, that they have turned a solid red state into a purple state. >> reporter: recent polls show a dead heat. republican pollster wit airs likes the trend line. >> if you look at the dozen polls in virginia taken before the first presidential debate on october 3rd, obama was ahead in all 12. if you look at the eight polls taken after the first presidential debate, romney was ahead in six out of the eight, and it's now a dead even tie. >> reporter: to prove its 2008 win here was no fluke, president obama's team needs to run up the votes in the northern virginia suburbs. if it delivers, it can ruin governor romney's night before the polls even close in the
10:38 am
midwest. >> the epicenter of this outcome is going to be right here in virginia. >> reporter: democratic congressman jerry conley knows the more moderate tone of late for mitt romney is aimed at the suburbs. he is bet it won't work. >> i think there's a trust factor. my constituents remember the republican primaries. they don't suffer from amnesia, and i think that's a tough subject for mitt romney. >> reporter: a lunchtime visit to harold and cathy's shows that -- there are some cracks. this woman is a registered democrat but said she will vote republican for president as she did last time. >> i'm from a the get go mr. obama promised so many things that i didn't believe he could do it, and he has proven that he couldn't do it. >> reporter: robert stevens an independent and obama 2008 supporter. >> it was something different for the country, something that hadn't happened before, electing a black president, so i was caught up in that a little bit.
10:39 am
i think he is a disappointment. >> reporter: you don't like what you got, but you're not sold on the alternative? >> absolutely not. at this point i don't know who i'm going to vote for. >> reporter: in a place long known for its historic battle fields, but a newcometory the world of presidential battle grounds. >> where john king says the key in the final days both parties have focused on the early voting and registering those new voters as well. the race for the white house isn't the only big election battle. we're talking about key seats in congress also up for grabs. the outcome of those races could shift the balance of power, and the democrats majority in the senate, especially vulnerable. ted rolands takes a look at one pierce fight in wisconsin wes. >> here in wisconsin it is known as the senate race between tammy and tommy. it has been contentious, and it is extremely close.
10:40 am
>> ae 14-year veteran of the house of representatives. up for grabs is the senate seat left open by retiring democrat herb cole, which republicans desperately want to help them win a majority. >> i am tommy thompson zsh i'm tammy baldwin. >> reporter: both sides are pouring in cash. stateord $40 million has been spent so far on this e-fou coming from groups not directly associated with the candidate, but are very interested in the outcome. >> you can't turn on your tv right now without running into ads for tammy and tommy. >> reporter: daniel bice has been covering wisconsin politics for more than 20 years. this race he says is all about attacking the opponent. >> no longer supports the interest of wisconsin. he is trying to define her not as the nice tammy baldwin you see on tv, but as an extreme
10:41 am
liberal who votes in a way that people in wisconsin would not support. each agree each candidate has a win. polls conducted by mark kent law school have shown them both ahead at times, but now -- >> right now we're at a tied race. it's neck and neck. the presidential race is also los here. many believe it will be very difficult for tommy thompson to win if mitt romney doesn't. >> you don't have as many ticket splitters as i think thompson campaign thought you might have had. >> reporter: what you do have is a small percentage of undecideds whose votes will likely determine the winners in both the presidential and senate races. >> and both candidates will have an opportunity to grab some of those undecided voters on friday when they square off for the their third and final debate.
10:42 am
>> hurricane sandy could hit the east coast. two people have already died in the storm. we're about to get the very latest. at shell, we believe the world needs a broader mix of energies. that's why we're supplying natural gas to generate cleaner electricity... that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and it's also why, with our partner in brazil, shell is producing ethanol - a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane. >>a minute, mom! let's broaden the world's energy mix. let's go.
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hurricane sandy gaining strength moving quickly across the warm waters of the caribbean sea towards the bahamas. now, the storm slammed into southeastern cuba. that happens early today as a category two hurricane with winds 10 miles per hour. trees are down. power is out across parts of cuba. the late season storm also brought heavy rain to cuba's capital, havan, i can't, and sandy flooded streets, damaged homes, and caused widespread power outages. at least one person was killed near kingston. another has died in haiti. i want to bring in chad myers to talk about this tracking the storm. is it heading to the united states? what is the path, and how severe could this be? >> it appears, yes, it will hit some part of the east coast of north america. that includes canada. it could slide all the way up to
10:46 am
atlantic canada and nova skoecha and newfoundland. it could hit as far south as the carolinas. that's a huge window we have now. the cone is still very wide because the computer models are still not agreeing. 105-mile-per-hour storm. i saw wind gusts on cues cuba. 118 overnight. it died a little bit as it went over cuba. that's always the case. these storms get bigger when they're over water. it's now over water again. it is still going to get bigger as long as it stays in the warm water, and, yes, there may be some land in the bahamas, but there's more water than land. a category one hurricane off the east coast making tremendous wave action here. just waves coming on shore. eroding the beaches, making huge rep currents. don't be in the water at all. they are going to be as bad as we've seen all year long. all the models yesterday, except for a couple, had them doing
10:47 am
this. then one is over here, and another -- now all those model advisory all changed their mind that were going that way, and now they are coming back. will it be new york city? you know, probably not, because even though that's the middle of the cone, the cone goes all the way from maine to the carolinas. there's a forecast for a significant storm when it makes landfall, it could be very, very large. let me show you these models. we don't have much time left. let me give you an idea. the models here, the spaghetti models are all turning away from north america yesterday. now they're all turning back to north america and setting right on top of the northeast. whether we get slammed by a hurricane or whether this thing just sits there and spins for a few days, this is going to have a tremendous impact on the northeast. montreal, atlantic canada all the way down to washington. i don't know yet. that's still four to five days away. this will have a tremendous impact for millions of people
10:48 am
there traveling, trying to get out of there in a hurricane. 85-mile-per-hour winds whatever they may be. it will be very, very difficult coming up. this is monday and tuesday before it actually gets here. we have a couple of days to prepare. i don't want you to panic. i want to you prepare. >> so, chad, ewe talking about the worst of this hitting sometime monday or tuesday. people have the weekend to essentially get ready. >> yeah. it matters where you are because if it hits the carolinas, that would be monday and maybe even sunday night because it's not very far of a drive from where it is now. if it goes all the way up to halifax, that's a two-day trip in the water. that would be wednesday and then somewhere in here probably tuesday morning if it does try to make its way to the next -- >> we'll be watching real closely. thank you very much. appreciate it. >> lady liberty got some work done after years of renovations. the statue is about to reopen now to the public. we're going to get an inside look. up next. eed. when a twinge of back pain surprises him. morning starts in high spirits, but there's a growing pain in his lower back.
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statue of liberty this past year you were probably disappointed. it's been closed for millions of dollars in upgrades but reporting that it reopens sunday and the wait might be worth it. especially for the wheelchair bound. check it out. ♪ >> reporter: the statue of liberty's crown and interior have been closed for a year but for retired marine corps larry hughes it's seemingly longer because the observation level of this iconic symbol of freedom was not wheelchair accessible until today. >> wow! >> how's the ride? >> amazing. >> reporter: hughes, a vietnam vet is taking the inaugural ride in a newly installed elevator. >> just to be here was something that never really entered in to my mind because simply i hate to be turned down. i hate to be rejected.
10:53 am
so, i'm no longer being rejected. i'm being here. >> reporter: the newell va or the is just part of a yearlong $30 million renovation with upgrading stairwells and safely improveme improvements. the end result, a more accessible lady liberty to allow an additional 26,000 visitors each year a chance to enjoy her spectacular views. >> it opens up tremendous opportunities for all of us. >> reporter: among the first to see the new renovations, two generations of wounded warriors. i joined kirk bauer who lost his na leg in vietnam and jesse acosta who suffered injuries to hip in iraq. on the 146-step climb to the top. so you stuck your head out of -- >> the crown! >> reporter: the crown. very cool. what do you think? is this what you're expected? >> fantastic.
10:54 am
it is more tight buts in just incredible view. >> reporter: the renovation was full of challenges because of the statue's location and because they had to do it all without drilling in to any part of the historic structure. >> it was a challenge, a huge challenge because we had to envision all of this, make this building more safe, more code compliant, more accessible, more welcoming and do it in a way that respected the historic fabric. >> it is impressive that they did. to see the invest independent a world heritage site, to allow those with perceived disabilities, those that need access to see the historical sites to see it, touch it that much closer. >> have you been down here? >> reporter: for the superintendent who's lived on liberty island for more than three years, this moment among the most memorable. >> to be able to welcome our veterans home and welcome them here and actually get veterans
10:55 am
up in to the crown and up in to the observation deck is just amazing. >> reporter: grateful construction workers saluting america's heroes on their historic visit. >> we want to give you a token of thanks first for coming out and visiting with us but most importantly for the service and the dedication that you've done for our country. >> they were thanking us. we should be thanking them because they're the one that is are making it possible. they're the ones, the hands that made this monument open to everyone including those with disabilities. >> reporter: a restored lady liberty, truly representing a symbol of freedom to enjoy. >> that's beautiful. president obama, he sat down with jay leno last night. he wasn't afraid to make fun of himself, as well. nyquil (stuffy): hey, tylenol. you know we're kinda like twins.
10:56 am
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take a look at what caught
10:59 am
our eye on twitter today. fred thompson tweeted this. tim tebow has trademarked his te boeing move. obama has now trademarked bowing to foreign leaders at baracking. lady gaga said i felt almost like the president kept poker face last two debates and then came out like rocky. president obama joked about his problems with donald trump with jay leno. >> this dates back to when we were growing up together in kenya. >> yeah. got to give you that one. got to give you that one. >> we had -- you know, constant run-ins on the soccer field. >> yeah. >> you know? he wasn't very goo